A qualified partner in providing innovative solutions for product development and production processes: from the design to materials selection to selection of the most appropriate technologies for product realization.  

Our design captures the unexpressed expectations, realizing them in dimensions, shapes, colors, gestures and behaviors, anticipating trends or creating new ones. The deeds satisfaction, the ability to communicate states of well-being and sensations, enhance objects and characterize them by assigning them their unique identifying characteristics. By means of drafts and by 3D modeling, the aesthetic, the functional and ergonomic aspects of the product are evaluated. Through realistic photo rendering techniques different solutions are compared and, together with the marketing department, final choices  on the target product are made. The obtained 3D mathematics can be used for prototyping or for the mold.

Support for product and process development, for technologies, materials, transformation processes best choice in order to achieve the final objectives.

Product engineering – manufacturing
Starting from the product concept, explicated in its specifications, the possible technologies are defined, and the product is engineered in its functions.

Through a feasibility study we analyze the costs and the benefits of the various solutions, finalizing in an overall product project, in order to invest in the most appropriate choices.

Our diversified skills allow us to study complex equipment, including drive and control mechanisms. The industrialization phase continues with prototyping and with the production equipment, with field verification and problem solution, up to the final production phase.

Process simulation – Fem
Fem analysis allows for the checking of the correct sizing of a particular part under expected stresses, emulating usage, both on static and on fatigue. The modeling of the mechanisms allows to analyze the presupposed kinematic and dynamic behavior for a correct sizing of all the mechanical organs.

The possibility of simulating the mold filling allows indications on the final physical product’s properties in various points, often suggesting modifications to the product thus avoiding defects that would be difficult to eliminate from the mold (shrinking, blowing, burns, etc.).

Prototipazione rapida Quick Prototyping
The service allows obtaining products directly from the CAD model in a very short time and with high precision, thus verifying the assembly and the mechanical performances. The technologies we use are: stereolithography (SLA), laser sintering of nylon powders (SLS) and replicas obtained from silicone molds. The latter allows to obtain products that are aesthetically identical to the final ones with the possibility of chrome-plating and painting.

Reverse engineering – metrology
It allows the mathematical reconstruction of the surfaces of an object starting from a sample model. It is particularly useful in the case of complex geometries whose trend is not detectable with traditional measuring instruments. Depending on customer’s specifications and the object, the surfaces of the model are scanned using CMM machines, for instance using laser relief systems.

The reconstruction of the surfaces from the detected points is done with a topometric method thus obtaining a light and easily manipulated mathematics.

3D mold  design Progettazione di stampi
3D design of multi-molds for thermoplastic materials injection molding and die-casting of light alloys, with sprue or hot runner, with internal drives, either single material or more materials (up to 3, on presses equipped with 3 injectors).

By combining more materials, several color effects can be achieved or it is possible to combine rigid materials with soft materials to the touch. Whatever the complexity we provide verification of the movements of the mold by kinematic analysis, Technical 2D drawings of every single detail – overall design, analytical drawings, bill of materials.